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The application of chromatic aberration meter in daily life

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the increasing demand for material and quality of life, color management has been put on the agenda. The application of colorimeter is undoubtedly indispensable. Every aspect of our lives is colored. Our clothes are colored. Our POTS and pans are colorful. Colorimeters play a decisive role in this regard.
Chromatic aberration, or ci hai, is the difference between two colors, that is, the difference in hue, saturation and brightness. In order to achieve customer satisfaction and avoid unnecessary loss caused by chromatic aberration, we must widely use chromatic aberration meter in daily life to achieve perfect color management.
1. Measurement of chromatic aberration meter
When the customer gets the sample and needs to reproduce the same color of the sample perfectly, large-scale confirmation needs to be repeated. Early color management was based on the difference between the sample and the standard sample produced by the human eye, but not the naked eye. If it is perceived or appears to be very inconspicuous, turn the process over to the workshop for production. That's too subjective. Not everyone's opinions and visual effects are the same, and they are too influenced by external factors. Therefore, people use modern color management chromatimeter and computer system. The advantage of using chromatimeter to participate in color adjustment is that the formula can be corrected according to the data provided by chromatimeter, and the color matching task can be completed more quickly and accurately.
2. The role of chromatic aberration meter in quality control
After determining the formula, it can be put into production. Due to the change of many factors in production, the color deviation of batch products may occur. Therefore, the color deviation should be measured frequently in production to adjust the production process to achieve the same color of products. Gender.
3. Volume transmission
Today's customers generally provide color CARDS or samples, so when you sign a contract with a user, try to keep the physical object as the standard, and then the high-end color difference meter will be deviated according to the actual environment. The national color standard is to use the standard white board and color board reference, not the instrument reference.