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Taiwan Optimum Optoelectrics Co., Ltd. is Taiwan's the first of photometric and colorimetric measurement equipments and professional supplier of calibration services in Taiwan.

In particular, the overall strength of the leading manufacturers in the field of other lighting testing equipment and light and color measurement test equipment. In Taiwan we are the only professional self-developed and produced by measuring equipments manufacture.

Since Optimum established in 1996, was the founder Michael Chang, uphold national standards laboratory(ITRI, NMLT) in charge of measuring spirit, while performing on Optimum. Implement measurement and calibration standards to maintain quality¸ Optimum has become Taiwan's LED manufacturing enterprises leading provider of integrated solutions.

As light and color measurement technology leader in testing equipment field, Optimum owned technology research (R & D) team, focusing on independent and innovation to development new testing equipments.

Optimum Optoelectronics based on "doing a soul product" concept and practice excellent quality testing equipment are consistent goal.

And look forward to contribute to Taiwan's optoelectronics industry measurement equipments.

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Optimum Optoelectronics Corp. was started in 1996 with a mission to provide reasonable cost, accurate and personalized light measurement solutions for R&D, QC and Manufacturing test.
Since then Optimum has been helping customers by providing precise, versatile and easy to use light measurement systems.
Today Optimum supplies a complete range of light measurement products such as spectroradiometers, integrating spheres, photodetectors, uniform light sources and goniometers. Standard Solutions include Portable Spectrometers, LED Test systems (Sphere and Goniometer), Lighting and Color Test systems, Reflectance and Transmission systems and a complete range of Integrating Sphere systems. Due to the many varied light measurement applications, custom solutions are sometimes required. Because of this, Optimum also specializes developing and integrating custom solutions for both laboratory and production applications.
Optimum Optoelectronics is headquartered at Chubei, Taiwan. R&D, Manufacturing and Sales are located in Taiwan. Additional R&D and Sales facility is located in California, USA.
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