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Radiant Zemax's latest photometric measurement and display test imaging technology is on display at the China international photoelectric exposition

Aug. 21, 2014 -- Radiant Zemax, the leading provider of photometric and chroma testing and measurement systems, announces that a package of optical testing solutions is on display at the China international photoelectric exposition (CIOE) at booth no. 8A05 in the precision optics hall. Founded in 1999, China international optoelectronics expo is the largest exhibition of its kind in the world. The four professional exhibitions held at the same time focus on advanced optoelectronics technology and innovation. The event was held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center from September 2 to 5, 2014.
Radiant Zemax is an integrated program solution for flat panel display, lighting product, lighting panel and keyboard with intensity, illumination, brightness and chroma. At the China international optoelectronics expo, the company will showcase its large scale light source near field measurement system (pm-nfms) for developers, and its latest ProMetric colorimeter and photometer. This specialty CCD camera is uniquely calibrated to provide the same brightness and chroma response as human visual perception, making it an ideal choice for quality inspection applications in consumer electronics, lighting, automotive and other industrial fields. A flawless finished product is the key to brand differentiation. They combine the relevance and accuracy of human vision with the speed and flexibility of automated processing.
Radiant Zemax's sales engineers on the Chinese team will show on the show at the Radiant Zemax international optoelectronics fair, offering a product demonstration and an introduction to each app. Our sales and support resources are spread throughout China to meet the growing needs of customers in the region. Radiant Zemax President and CEO Paul Caragher says: "given the importance of China to global manufacturing, China is an especially important market for us. We will continue to pour significant capital into our local operations to ensure exceptional value and high levels of application support for our current and future customers." In addition to showcases on the latest test and measurement products, Radiant Zemax is planning a hands-on demonstration station that can be used with the latest version of the famous Zemax optical and lighting design software, OpticStudio 14.
About the Radiant Zemax
The world's leading companies in optics, lighting and display equipment are buying high-value optical design tools and test and measurement systems on Radiant Zemax to reduce costs, reduce risk and shorten innovation time. Radiant Zemax products package includes Zemax optical and lighting design software, TrueTest automated appearance measurement for display systems, and ProMetric imaging colorimeter, photometer and light source measurement system. Radiant Zemax is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA and leads the world in optical systems, lighting and color technology, serving and supporting customers worldwide.