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Illuminance Spectrophotometer SRI-2000

Definition of lux

A unit of illumination equal to the direct illumination on a surface that is everywhere one meter from a uniform point source of one candle intensity or equal to one lumen per square meter.

Six Advantages :

● Using integrating sphere as light entrance port, consist perfect cosine effect at different angel.
● Unique long focal length, high precision spectralmeter for measurement.
● Fast Booting level, can perform instant measurement, no unnecessary action, measurement result is real time display.
● Huge storage capacity, can connect to PC to export the data, transfer and remote operation control.
● Spectral wavelength resolution 0.5nm, half-wavelength width resolution 6.0nm.
● Extensive model: SRI-2000UV, wavelength from 250-780nm. SRI-2000IR, wavelength from 350-950nm

World Class Photonic Solutions

The SRI series uses an optical system made up of a collimating lens with a nano-imprint of diffraction lines and a highly quality CCD linear array sensor working in the range of 350-950 nm or 650-1050 nm. There is low stray light system providing 0.5 nm data acquisition intervals which is ideal for the measurement of LEDs and OLEDs and other light sources in the wide range.

Android System

Our portable instrument provides reliable test results and high performance using the world's most powerful platform.

Integrating Sphere Measurement Head

Always use small integrating sphere as light collector to uniform the light and do the correct measurement, including the cosine corrected measurement head for illuminance/ irradiance measurement.

5” Touch Screen Display

This instrument doesn't require a computer to take measurements and immediately shows test result on the color touch screen. On the default page, the following parameters can be easily shows when you turn on the machine.
● full spectrum profile i.e. Spectral Power Distribution(mW/m2)
● color coordinates
● chromaticity charts (x,y) according to CIE 1931 standards
● CRI, Ra

Dark Current Compensation

Automatically compensation for any change of noise, and provide excellent measurement stability.

Micro SD

50,0000 of light measurements data are saved on the 4GB micro SD card included.

Photometric and Radiometric Calibration

An absolute spectral calibration is provided for each spectrometer before delivery thereby enabling achieve the accurate measurement of various absolute values such as Lux, Lumen, and radiometric value.


This instrument could be as a stand-alone unit, you can easily transfer data to you PC by USB cable.
Or using the software interface to do the measurement go through your PC controlled.





CE EMC Test Report