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Spectroradiometers SM-2000

Your solution for Faster, More Accurate Measurements
As the inventors of the high-performance, computer-controlled spectroradiometers for LED testing, Optimum has continued to set the standard in spectroradiometer accuracy and reliability. Optimum spectroradiometers is ideally suited for the testing LED color and luminance, flat panel displays, reflectance, and transmittance measurements.
SM-2000 Spectroradiometers is designed to measure the light, colorimetric parameters, and spectrum instruments. SM-2000 owned a 2048 element linear CCD array, and longbench optical designed. It is millisecond speed and superior blue light region sensitivity and highly accurate measurement of wavelength, color and power.

Specification and application

● High-resolution 0.5nm per pixel
● Multiple models covering UV, Visible and Near-IR wavelength ranges
● Near real-time(millisecond) measurement speed
● High-repeatability(stability), CIE(x,y) ±0.0003
● High-accuracy, CIE(x,y) ±0.003
● Low-noise (50/64000), high linearity (99.99%)
● Full luminosity hardware accessories (integrating sphere, light tubes, lenses) to achieve all photometric parameters measurements.
● Photometric specifications compliance with international standards
● Optimum can issued a formal verification report, traceable to the Taiwan National Standards Laboratory(also TAF) standard.



★ UV, Vis, and NIR: Spectroscopy / Spectroradiometry / Spectrophotometry
★ Wavelength Identification
★ Absorbance / Reflectance / Transmittance
★ Reaction Monitoring
★ Spectral Analysis
★ Multi-point Sampling
★ OEM Systems Integration


Optica path design of spectrometer

(1). SMA 905 / Precision fiber coupler
(2). Slit / Determines the photon flux and optical resolution
(3). Collimation Mirror / Collimates and redirects the light beam towards the grating
(4). Grating / Wavelength range and spectral resolution
(5). Focusing Mirror / Refocuses the dispersed light onto the detector
(6). Detector / 2048 pixel CCD Linear Array Detector

Spectrometer and Photometer Comparison betwen


CE EMC Test Report