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Total Spectral Radiant/Luminous Flux System LM-ISP


The determination of total spectral radiant flux or its’ photometric counterpart, luminous flux, requires the total output of the source to be measured.

This is typically performed with an integrating sphere input optic which samples all light output from the source. Depending on the size of the source to be measured, Optimum supplies integrating spheres from 35mm to 3M diameter, the former being typically employed for the measurement of the single LEDs and LED lighting.

Fully automated data collection reported out on PDF, text or Microsoft Excel formats.

Fully automated calibration software routines using standard lamps calibrated for directional spectral intensity.


The main measurement function

Colorimetric parameters
chromaticity coordinates(x, y), (u ', v')/ Dominant wavelength(λd)/ Ppeak wavelength(λp)/ FWHM (Δλd)/ Color Rendering Index(R1-R15)/ Color purity/ Correlated color temperature(TC)
Photometric parameters: radiant flux(mW), lumens(lm)
Electrical parameters: optical efficiency(PF), luminous efficacy(W/lm)

Hardware Configuration

1. Spectrophotometer(SM-2000)
2. Depending on the size of the analyze with a suitable integrating sphere size
3. DC Power Supply
4. AC Power Supply
5. Computer and Microsoft Windows operating measurement software
6. Standard Lamp(correction system) can be traced back to national standards laboratory(NML)
7. Instrument cabinet


Summary of Technical Specifications